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Decision Making in
Real Estate Development

Modernize your back-of-the-envelope analysis


Quickly perform back-of-the-envelope analysis on potential projects to determine financial feasibility and regulatory metrics necessary to move forward

Adaptable to complex, mixed-use developments with the ability to add as many different product types as needed with both income producing and for sale products

Bolster your existing pro formas, designed to produce faster and easier back-of-the-envelope analysis with metrics that can be output into any pro forma template


Protect your citizens’ health and welfare by reinforcing your zoning and project approvals processes using cutting-edge analysis techniques

See objective financial and regulatory metrics to garner bidirectional trust between public officials and real estate developers

Design attainable zoning requirements that developers will embrace in order to make the best use of the land for your citizens


Easily translate multiple sources of market data into tangible, usable project metrics accepted throughout the development industry

Determine expected revenues from a potential development project with only a handful of inputs available via public data sources

Use plugins to assist in analyzing potential sources of financing, parking implications, building types in a mixed-use development, and more!

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Know Your Numbers

Whether you’re a developer looking to ensure a profitable deal, a planner looking out for your citizens, or a student learning how to further your career in real estate, REDC helps you quickly see y the most important metrics for a real estate development project, compared to traditional, Excel-based, back-of-the-envelope analysis.

Lower Your Risk

Before getting locked into a real estate development project without a clear view of the financial and regulatory landscape, use REDC to understand the value required to be generated by a project, plus the net operating income and the average sale price per unit, alongside regulatory metrics including FAR and unit density.

Unlock Your Creativity

With the ability to combine any number of product types, both income producing as well as for sale products, REDC helps you find the most creative way to structure a real estate development project, which gives developers the opportunity to make more money, planners the opportunity to produce a better city, and students the opportunity to learn more about development projects.

Packed With Features You Will Love

  • Quickly and easily understand a project’s development intensity

  • Accurately model mixed-use developments with an unlimited number of products per scenario

  • Calculate financial project metrics, including required overall value, net operating income, and average sale price per unit

  • Save an unlimited number of scenarios in the system

  • Access scenario data from anywhere with an internet connection

  • Integrate with multiple data sources, such as public data sources like property tax records and GIS, as well as private, proprietary data sources (either direct API connection or Excel uploads)

  • Take advantage of our fully managed and hosted solution, no additional IT overhead required

  • Assess the critical range of a development from a back-of-the-envelope perspective

  • Realistically capture product details with granular sub-product categories

  • See regulatory project metrics, including FAR and unit density per product, as well as total square footage, and total number of units per product

  • Share scenarios between colleagues and team members

  • Download scenario details into any pro forma template

  • Easily incorporate REDC into existing undergraduate and graduate level curriculum to teach students complex concepts in a more approachable format

  • Rest assured with our robust and secure cloud-based architecture, running in the Google Cloud

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